The new frontier of rehabilitation



NiuRion® - New Rehabilitation game - is a hardware system (wearable inertial sensors) and software for neuromotor rehabilitation and sports qualification. Designed, designed and implemented by a team of physiotherapists and computer scientists, supported by gaming bioengineers and graphic designers, NiuRion ® is a tool for innovation in the world of neuromotor rehabilitation, fitness and sports qualification.

Patented and innovative system, it combines the strong scientific value of the structure underlying the system, to a virtual gaming environment for which the user - while performing serius game activities - performs structured game sessions designed by the team of expert rehabilitators and performs gestures and enabling and rehabilitating motor acts; all in a truly engaging virtual environment. In fact, the user can review an "other self", an avatar of himself that moves in a compelling and engaging virtual environment.

To make NiuRion unique and exclusive ® of its kind, the AI system, so the combination of hardware and software reads the user's skills and corrects any errors in the gesture by "supporting" and "helping him to correct "Motor behavior up to suspending the session for a suitable time when motor behaviors that are not suitable or" structurally dangerous "are recorded.

NiuRion® is a certified electro-medical device.


The user, after wearing the inertial sensors (thanks to a tight-fitting shirt / pants, designed specifically for the project) and having placed himself in front of the video screen of a PC or a TV or any other device (tablet, smartphone), he will be able to perform, within a virtual environment, rehabilitative exercises suited to his problems in the form of recreational activities in which he is asked to reach a specific game goal.

On the screen, the patient will see a representation of himself (avatar) able to follow his movements in real time; the avatar will be inserted in a specific scenario and will have to perform motor actions in order to interact with the surrounding environment. The different exercises proposed by NiuRion ® have been developed and studied by a team of specialists in the field of rehabilitation (physiotherapists and engineers) to act effectively on different motor disabilities. In this way, the patient can carry out targeted actions and movements, in order to effectively carry out the pre-established therapeutic path.

Unique and exclusive concept covered by a patent is the anticipation and forecasting system of the gesture. (concept of feedforward vs feedback).

While the user executes the requests posed by the game and the NiuRion virtual assistant ®, he analyzes and records the quantity and quality of the gesture, understands his abilities and proposes (based on his skills and abilities) the subsequent tasks so as to "meet the motor skills" of the user, involve him in the rehabilitation process and avoid damage from incorrect motor gestures.

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