Clinical, sports and consumer users

Designed by physiotherapists in the first place for physiotherapists NiuRion® wants to impose itself as an exclusive and modern system for a true rehabilitation of scientific evidence.

With its ability to record entire rehabilitation sessions or even a single motor act, the NiuRion® Rehab version is aimed primarily at fellow physiotherapists with the aim of becoming a tool that helps the clinical activity. Finally the physiotherapist can have - at an absolutely affordable price - a tool capable of making his activities objectively scientific and measurable. Furthermore, the movement technician can set up rehabilitation sessions, being able to monitor his patients over time and set up personalized and verifiable courses.

NiuRion® Rehab can be used, thanks to the exclusive and extreme accessibility, by the patient both in the structure and at home. By being able to work both online and offline (but always controlled by the reference therapist) the patient can perform the sessions dedicated to him; a virtual assistant always accompanies the user in every activity level in real time and monitors him / her as a therapist could do in his / her physiotherapy room.

This guarantees an absolute safety in its management beyond the certainty of the therapist's control in advising and indicating exercises sessions set by him. The therapist can - in fact - constantly monitor from his study if and how the subject is performing the prescribed task. NiuRion® is available for both upper and lower limb management.

The fields of action of NiuRion® Rehab range from the subject with congenital or acquired orthopedic and / or neurological pathologies (to name a few from the infantile cerebral palsy to subjects suffering from stoke or parkinsonism outcomes, from post traumatic fracture outcomes and results of correction interventions orthopedic surgery eg hip or humerus, etc.) and that need to perform rehabilitation and neuromotor rehabilitation. In addition, subjects who need to perform motor qualification activities (eg infarcted subjects).

The NiuRion® fitness and sport version, on the other hand, will be aimed at those who need to use a scientifically validated tool to perform motor and sports training and / or all professional subjects and those who need to monitor specific motor sessions and motor gestures.

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La nostra tecnologia dedicata


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