The benefits for the users

Check the progress of the session in real time

More physiotherapists have returned favorable opinions on the instrument; the possibility of having a tool that allows the analysis of the motor gesture in real time, which allows the user to be able to mirror himself (taking advantage of the concert - also in the world of rehabilitation - in the mirror neurons and of the mirror therapist) and the possibility of being able to return to be the protagonist of their care path is a much requested aspect with added value. Finally NiuRion® really makes it possible to objectify each proposal, being able to show the therapist and the patient what is really effective and which is not.

Furthermore, the patient can personally, in an immediate and intuitive way, verify his / her course and progress in real time.

The possibility then to be able to perform the process and the sessions comfortably from home without having to continually move can allow one side to be able to perform "care" even for several times (knowing that in any case it is monitored by the technician) and the other to be able to spend the time of transfers in "fruitful" activities for the subject.

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