Our dedicated and patented technology

La nostra tecnologia dedicata


NiuRion® uses a software with artificial intelligence able to adapt in real time the complexity of the rehabilitation exercise to the skills demonstrated by the patient.

The components of the NiuRion® kit are the subject of patent applications: n. EP13703135 and n. PCT / IB2013 / 050052 aimed at covering intellectual property in Europe, USA, Japan, China, Brazil and India.

The rehabilitation session and the presentation of specific rehabilitation exercises take place within an immersive environment with the patient's avatar. Physiotherapy is carried out through the "gaming" mode.

The tool uses a specific algorithm capable of providing an objective clinical score, indicative of the patient's actual mobility / motility.

All the proposed exercises can be performed either in "online" or "offline" mode.

I sensori


NiuRion®, a fun, effective and scientifically validated system able to allow the performance of interactive rehabilitation sessions calibrated on the end user, facilitating the rehabilitation practice both for the therapist and the patient.

  • Wireless data transmission;
  • CE electrical safety;
  • Sampling frequency: 50Hz;
  • Battery life: 8 hours of play;
  • RMS accuracy: 3°;
  • Transmission in Bluetooth technology;
  • Power on at shaking.

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